Carl Sparkz

It all began at the young age of 7, when Carl stepped into a dance studio for the first time. Her creativity took off from there as she began to develop the skills at 13 years old to help and teach dance to others. Eventually studied Performance Arts at Iowa State, and ended up in Minneapolis to further her performance and instruction career. She's fresh to the 'flow' instructor scene, but has a lot to teach about the body's natural rhythm and dance. This year Carl wants to come out of her shell more & throw herself out to the world, to meet, learn, play, teach, inspire & be inspired. She started instructing at flow retreats in 2013 (Camp Fire, MN), and taught there again the following year, along with Kinetic Fire (OH) & Flow Camp (KY) in 2014. Throughout these journeys Carl has picked up multiple props (fans, poi, staff, hoops, fire eating, etc.), made so many amazing friends and was grateful to witness so much talent! This is the life and dream she's always wished for, to travel and play with like-minded souls. What more could one ask for? :)