jilly bean

Jillian Martin, also known as Jilly Bean, has called Ohio her home all her life. Born and raised in the jungles of suburbia, Jill was introduced to the flow arts at the end of her high school career, when she was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis in 2005, but she hasn't let that stop her. Instead, she picked up hula hooping to regain muscle mass, confidence and faith. Since those fateful days many years ago, Jill has expanded her expertise far and wide. From hoops, wands, staves and fans to poi, and even as far as event coordinating and management. She has also joined forces with many other traveling performance groups, such as Nocturnal Arts, Illumination Hoop Troupe, Big Fun Circus, Cirque de Luna, and the Vulcan Conclave, to share her art. Don't think that she depends on others for a good show, though. She also excels at solo performances, and can be found lighting up the night under her stage name, Indigo Flow. When she's not busy lighting the world on fire, you can catch this Jill of all Trades working her fingers away in front of a sewing machine making fire safe costumes.