Marshall Three

Coming from a very musically talented family, Marshall Brown has been heavily involved with a variety of arts for the majority of his life. Raised with training in vocals, guitar and piano, he then moved on to recording arts in his earlier adulthood before finding silversmithing and other mediums of jewelry crafting. He spent his early twenties bouncing between Virginia, Tennessee and New York before setting up shop in Richmond, VA. It was here that his passion of the performance arts truly began to grow by becoming close friends with a number of key members from a local entertainment crew dubbed the P.L.F. (Party Liberation Front). It wasn't long before he found himself a member and has since helped organize and run events with them up and down the east coast for the past 5 years. Presently he spends most of his time training with fans, juggling and dance/movement, though he considers himself knowledgeable with a variety of other props. Lastly, his dog is an Australian Shepard named Nugget and is absolutely amazing.