Ben "Drex" Drexler is a world-renowned movement artist, circus performer, and dancer who has spent the past six years teaching and performing the art of poi spinning. DrexFactor is a series of projects Drex has created with the goal of providing the resources to grow and diversify the artform throughout the world by offering quality equipment, educational resources, and entertainment content to the poi world.

Workshops by this Instructor


Intimidated by tech? This class is centered around the idea that if we work up to a trick by starting with small, simple movements and gradually building up their complexity, anyone can learn difficult tech and apply these lessons to learning a variety of tricks they encounter. Part 1 of this class covers linear extensions, creating tricks by chaining together straight lines into ever more complicated and beautiful patterns.

Mixed/No Skill Level

Performance doesn't just have to be your three favorite tricks in front of a crowd of people--you can say something with it. This class applies a lot of the lessons I've learned in the modern dance world over the course of the past three years to make performances with any prop move beyond trick showcases to statements by the choreographer. Come learn to tell a story or share an idea through your craft!


It’s easy to get stuck with hybrids by focusing on juxtaposing patterns, but more interesting things happen when we start to think of them as consisting of relationships between hands and poi. This course will introduce a few of my favorite sticky hybrids and is tailored to people who may not be familiar with them. We’ll cover pendulum vs CAP, static vs triquetra, pendulum vs cateye, and many more!


Want to do quick tether manipulations like Jon Alvarez, James MacPherson, and many others! Of course you do! This class will cover the basics of entering and exiting gunslingers as well as spiral wraps, basic weaves, and even flowers if we have the time!

Double Staff

Antibrids are a type of trick created when you maintain a relationship between the end of one staff and the other hand. They create interesting juxtapositions of patterns that can be transferred all around the body. Here, we’ll cover basic static vs antispin antibrids, cranks, and examine what happens when you switch which hand is doing what.

Mixed/No Skill Level

Do what you’re passionate about, but be smart about it! Most business classes for flow artists tend to focus on the performance side of things. Here, we’ll cover the basics of running any kind of business, different approaches to making money in the flow arts, and figuring out which approach is the best one for you!