Eric Shibuya (Propfessor)

Eric "Rollcall" Shibuya (aka the Propfessor) has been juggling for over 35 years, performing and teaching at various venues. He has taught juggling workshops at various venues, to include Fire and Flow Arts (F.Fl.Arts) in Orange, Virginia, Fahrenheit, the Groundhog Day Juggling Festival and Flashepoint. He was honored as the male Flow Arts Instructor for November 2016. 

His muggle job is Professor of Strategic Studies at Marine Corps University, but he practices with the Object Manipulation Group (OMG) at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He is also part of the Mythic Fire Mythfits. 

Workshops by this Instructor


No experience necessary. This workshop will begin the journey in juggling. The student will learn the basic 3 ball cascade and from there will branch into some basic tricks and/or a brief investigation into 4 ball juggling. 

Juggling balls provided, but students should feel free to bring what they have. A discussion over the merits of different kinds of equipment will also be conducted. 


Beginner/Intermediate level

Students should be able to juggle balls

This workshop will be an introduction to 3 club juggling. It will focus on getting used to the club's spin, solidifying the cascade, and then move into a couple of introductory tricks (ex: double spins, under the leg).


Prerequisite: Students should have a solid 3 club cascade (at least 30 catches, can look through or over the pattern and not watch the clubs)

Introduction to club passing. The workshop will start with 2 person passing, basic etiquette and conventions. It will then branch off  depending on interests: multiperson patterns, right/left handed passing, tricks, and (perhaps) numbers passing. 

Mixed/No Skill Level

Siteswaps are a mathematical notation designed to communicate juggling patterns. This workshop (intended as a brownbag, held over a lunch period) will start with a brief history of siteswap notation, then introduce the student to how to read and understand the notation. It will cover siteswaps over values of "9", and how to notate synchronous and multiplex throws. It will end with "siteswap sudoku", a fun way to generate siteswaps.