Lady Aetheria is performer, instructor, and community mentor.  

She says "Flow arts is a major part of who I am, and how I try to live my life, with flow, and movement, and also with the ideals of building community and sharing knowledge."

 Aetheria has been in the flow arts community since about 2008, first as a photographer and very quickly she wanted to also learn and start spinning props, she now spins, staff, leviwand, fans, she also is a fire eater and breather.    

Now she is know as one of the premier West Coast leviwand instructors.

She has been teaching and performing with leviwand for about 3 years.  She also am one of the orginizers for Seattle Spinurn, and Northwest Flow Fest, as well as a founding member of Seattle Fire Arts Alliance that has worked with the city of Seattle, on changing fire performce regulations, and permit processes for the city, and is one of a handful of FAI fire safety certified instructors.  

Aetheria says  "Most of all I want to share what I have learned not only from people that spin what I do, but what I have gained and learned from this amazing community.  I have yet to find another group of people so passionate about sharing knowledge, while also being incredibly supportive of each other. The friendships and connections I have made from flow all around the world is something I treasure and if I can share just some of that joy, and passion in showing someone how to spin a Leviwand my world that much more enriched for that moment and to me that is what it is all about." 

Workshops by this Instructor

Flow Wand

 This is an into class, have you ever wanted to try out a Leviwand?  This is the class to give it a go.  

We will discuss, history of Leviwand, clothing choices and safety with the leviwand.   Discussing what leviwand is right for you. 

beginning movements and tricks. 

Below is a video recap from Pac Fire  2016  of this class  

Flow Wand

We will cover beginning contact moves. Also dicussion on understanding string length and why its important. 

some intro moves will be perches, tic tocs, hand catches, steves, (yes we get one too), halo rolls, and dealing with messy string after some contact moves. 


Below is a video of a similar class I thought in Seattle.  

Flow Wand

We will cover more advanced contact wand movements, as well as connecting wand tricks as well as moving with the wand, we have feet lets use them.  


Also a note that I have talked to Lux and we have designed our classes to compliment each other not over lap material .  :-)  

Flow Wand

Leviwand has a ton of variation as a prop. We'll be going over choosing string length, choosing handles for short string, and choosing the best string type for your needs. We'll also be going over different weights and why to choose them. And some of the differences between performing with led, day wand, and fire wands. Wands of different styles will be available for trying out! Great for people who are thinking about getting a new leviwand but not sure what type they would like.