Lady Aetheria is performer, instructor, and community mentor.  

She says "Flow arts is a major part of who I am, and how I try to live my life, with flow, and movement, and also with the ideals of building community and sharing knowledge."

 Aetheria has been in the flow arts community since about 2008, first as a photographer and very quickly she wanted to also learn and start spinning props, she now spins, staff, leviwand, fans, she also is a fire eater and breather.    

Now she is know as one of the premier West Coast leviwand instructors.

She has been teaching and performing with leviwand for about 3 years.  She also am one of the orginizers for Seattle Spinurn, and Northwest Flow Fest, as well as a founding member of Seattle Fire Arts Alliance that has worked with the city of Seattle, on changing fire performce regulations, and permit processes for the city, and is one of a handful of FAI fire safety certified instructors.  

Aetheria says  "Most of all I want to share what I have learned not only from people that spin what I do, but what I have gained and learned from this amazing community.  I have yet to find another group of people so passionate about sharing knowledge, while also being incredibly supportive of each other. The friendships and connections I have made from flow all around the world is something I treasure and if I can share just some of that joy, and passion in showing someone how to spin a Leviwand my world that much more enriched for that moment and to me that is what it is all about." 

Workshops by this Instructor

Flow Wand

this is an intro Class that will go over the basics of Levi Wanding.  

the Levi Wand prop: The history of Levi Wand,  Picking the wand for you!  String length and balance. Different finger loops and palm grips. 

Flow Wand

This class focuses on Short String Contact Levi Wand: 

Skills: We will go over Perches and string length, Steves!!, Wrist Wraps, convery belts, The spinning perch, halo rolls, connecting moves for halo and conveyor Belt.  balance Stalls for arms and hand,  Stort String toss with a finger loop.  other body tic tocs and stalls.  Isolations starting with the clock and moving to stalled in the air vertical and horizonal 

Flow Wand

This class will be a bit organic, working on anything we didn't get to cover in the intro class, and working on exits for the spinning perch, combo toss intro and exit.  


We will focus on combining the things we learned in the intro contact class, and moving with them.  

We will for sure go over one armed cartwheels while keeping the wand moving!! yeah baby...     

I even have some partner contact Levi moves we can go over for those that are willing, oh yeah partner stuff is fun!