Lizzie Steger

Hello, I'm Lizzie. I'm from Virginia, but just recently moved to Florida where I am following my performing and instructing dreams! :) Flow arts have a special role in my life. They have done so much for me that I feel that I'm obligated to share this treasure woth the rest of the world! I'm nowhere near the best hooper but I do have valuable lessons to contribute to the community. I feel like I'm blabbbing now... Oh whale

Workshops by this Instructor

Mixed/No Skill Level

In this workshop I will be teaching different variations of the wedgie and multiple wedgie combinations to add to the students every day flow.
Combos include but are not limited to:
Escalator into a wedgie
Walk the dog into a wedgie
Body wrap into a wedgie
Hug wrap into a wegie
Infinite toss into a wedgie
Body roll into a wedgie
Mandala into a wedgie
Knee pinch breaks (variation)
Kick flip (variation)
And many more combos that have slipped my mind at the moment but i do have them written out at home