2 for 1


2 for 1 is a twin hooping workshop focusing on different hand grips and technical movements with 2 hoops in one hand! The workshop will also be used as a pre requisite to make the 3 hoop workshop more accessible. We’ll begin by covering a few of the different hand grips most often used with one hand twin hooping, and how they relate to each other, as well as transitions for entering and exiting 1 hand and switching the hand actively holding the hoops. Once comfortable with a few different grips, we’ll discuss various techniques that lend themselves to two hoops in one hand. The main techniques that we’ll spend the most time going over are isolation switches, grip change illusions, and one hand hybrids. The workshop will finish up by discussing how having two hoops in one hand opens up a lot of possibilities for three and four hoop manipulations, with a brief demonstration of how the skills from the workshop apply and work into three hoops.