The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Hooping


Have you recently picked up a hoop in the last month? Week? Today? Well then this workshop is JUST FOR YOU! A safe haven for all beginners to come learn and figure out what all this hooplah is about.
Starting class with a quick warm up, playing with different spin currents & hooping at all levels of our body, we will disect class into groups based on what we already know (this is to better instruct every one). Then the fun begins as we learn the basic tricks every hooper ought to know such as jump throughs, vortex, lasso, hand hooping, etc. We will brush up on terminology, planes, weaves, and tips/advice for everyone to take home.
We are all present in the moment to help one another figure out this hooping thing. Won’t you come learn and play with us? NO PRIOR HOOP EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Come with an open mind and an eagerness to learn! :)