Becoming the Revolution 1: Chest and Shoulders


Up your on-body hooping game: a chest and shoulder hooping intensive to bring the hooper closer to an infinitely smooth connection in the horizontal and vertical planes!
Shoulder hooping is one of the most challenging and blissfully rewarding skills to forever explore as a hoop dancer. This class is designed to bring deep awareness and a strong foundation to chest and shoulder hooping. Using a variety of mindful techniques, students will reach a higher plane of creative freedom in both technical movement and flow. We work to connect fully with the hoop along the entire spinning spectrum from sustained spinning to standing still. Additionally we will explore some expressive skills with arm movements both inside and outside the hoop, and integrate breaks, paddles, and sweeps into our new understanding of shoulder hooping.

Please bring your regular hoop and a larger one. Larger hoops often go a long way in helping to fully connect with core hooping concepts and then apply them to a smaller one. 

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