Continuous Folded Hooping


Continuous Folded Hooping : Growing in popularity over the past two years, “folding” has become a genre of hoop moves that is essential for a complete skill set. It forces hoopers to explore manipulating their hoop in the third dimension, rather than sticking to the standard wall and ceiling planes. Not only that, but almost all the folded hooping moves feed straight into and out of each other within combos, they are very satisfying to learn. For over 2 years, Mike Hayataka has been completely absorbed in folding and the endless possibilities it offers. His experience allows him break down moves that beginners and advanced hoopers can easily pick up. After we learn the 4 essential folding moves - the basic folded circuit, carousel, folded vortex, and the escalator (all the ways) - we will easily be able create our own infinite combos. Also, if there is time we will be going over folded tosses.

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