Fire Hoop Techniques


This class will focus on teaching you how to use your fire hoop with confidence, allowing you to hoop like it’s not on fire! Through hand placement techniques and simple hand movements, we can learn how to work around the fire wicks. We will be learning how to do tosses, escalators, chest rolls, wedgies, and super tricky ways to light your hoop up. If you’ve ever been afraid of your fire hoop, or if you wanted to use an un-lit one to practice with, this is class for you.
In this class we will not be lighting up unless we have extra time, and this will only be fore demonstrations. Bring your fire hoop if you have one, if you don’t there will be extra, and we will be sharing. Don’t be afraid of the fire, learn to work with it, and soon you’ll be manipulating the flame as well as your prop.

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