Hooping Jump Throughs & Off-Body Planes


I want to teach a hoop class focusing on some basic plane theory for off the body hooping, and then spend the majority of the workshop using that theory to explore "jump throughs"; i.e.: tricks where your body goes through the hoop --->. This class will be geared for intermediate folks, but easy enough for beginners.

By starting with some basic hooping plane theory, I think this will help primary hoopers coming to FLAME without the tech spinner lingo preped for other 2-handed tool classes, while also being something the techies that don't hoop much can relate to and build off of quickly.

After a bit of theory, we will quickly transition into "jump throughs", and work on a methodical way to look at different ways to go THROUGH the hoop (inside or outside entry, forward or back direction, side vs front plane etc). I'll discuss different variations of each trick, such as speed and hand grips and combos. All of the tricks will be looked at through the lens of direction and planes to help discover variations that you may be avoiding in your flow.

*I'm also willing to discuss fire safety sleeves/gear and fuel, and what makes a fire hoop different than a normal hoop, geared for any hoopers new to fire performance, as I consider fire hooping with confidence one of my strengths, and willing to participate in a dusk class focused on this if needed.

See video